Dallas/Fort Worth Local Blues CD Releases

        Last Update 9/28/22
This section will contain release information from DFW based blues record labels and from blues artists who are based in the DFW area. If there are other types of music besides blues on the CD I will attempt to explain (or at least give an opinion). Check the artist section for websites and myspace pages to contact the artists directly to purchase these CDs.   The newest releases will be at the top.  If I miss one, let me know.

---------------------------------------  2022

Shawn Pittman
, Hard Road, self released. Released September 2022

Aaron Burton,
Homesteader's Delight, self released.  Released August 2022

E.J. Mathews
, Smokin' & Drankin', State Fair Records.  Released July 2022

Mike Morgan & The Crawl,
The Lights Went Out in Dallas, Must Have Music/MC Records.  Released May 2022

Jack Barksdale, Death of a Hummingbird, self released.  Blues, Country.  Released March 2022

Hash Brown
, Stop Your Evil Ways, Feffrey Records.  Released February 2022

---------------------------------------  2021

Zac Harmon
, Long as I Got My Guitar, Catfood Records.  Blues, R&B, Southern Soul.  Released September 2021.

Shawn Pittman, Stompin' Solo, Must Have Music.  Released April 2021.

---------------------------------------  2020

The Steve Hill Trio, Fields of Blues, self released.  Released September 2020

R.L. Griffin,
I'm Back Again, Blues Palace Records.  Released September 2020.

Sam Myers & the South Dallas Shoan Nuffers
, My Pal Sam, Jack Daddy Records.  Released September 2020.

Larry Lampkin
, Funky Blues Man, Kant Kwit Records.  Released June 2020.

---------------------------------------  2019

Gregg A. Smith
, The Real Deal, G-Man.  Released November 2019.

Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones & Kerrie Lepai Jones,  Jr. Boy & Kerris's Blues, GalexC.  Released November 2019.

Lucky Peterson,
50-Just Warming Up, Jazz Village.  Released October 2019.

E.J. Mathews
, I Didn't Choose the Boogie, The Boogie Chose Me, Need to Know.  Released July 2019.

Zac Harmon, Mississippi BarBQ, Catfood.  Released June 2019.

Aaron Burton
, The Blues is Beautiful, self released.  Released April 2019.

---------------------------------------  2018

Dylan Bishop Band, Distilled, Bernadette Records.  Released October 2018.

Jack Barksdale,
Revival, Self Released (blues, country).  Released September 2018.

Black and Blues, Self  Released.  Released September 2018

Ann Armstrong
, Party in the Underworld, Self Released (blues, folk). Released January 2018.

---------------------------------------  2017

Lucky Peterson, What Have I Done Wrong, JSP Records.  Released  November 2017.

R.L. Griffin,
Blues Palace Live, Blues Palace Records (blues, R&B).  Released October 2017.

Larry Lampkin,
Keep Doing What You Do, Kant Kwit.  Released May 2017.

E.J. Mathews,
King of the Barnyard, Reverb Unit.  Released April 2017.

Rev. K. M. Williams,
Solo in Switzerland, self released.  Released March 2017.

Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones
, It's Me Again, Galexc Records.  Released January 2017.  

Kerrie LePai, Organic Blues, Galexc Records.  (reissue of Organic with 1 new track)  Released January 2017.  

---------------------------------------  2016

Dylan Bishop Band,
The Exciting Sounds of the Dylan Bishop Band, Espanada Records.  Released December 2016.

Aaron Burton,
Southern Swagger, self-released.  Released October 2016.

Rev. K.M. Williams,
Live in Deep Ellum, self released.  Released September 2016.

Jason Elmore and Hoodoo Witch, Champagne Velvet, Underworld Indie.  Released September 2016.

Josh Alan,
60 Godammit, Black Cracker.  Released July 2016.

Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat,
Live at the Kessler, Underworld Records.  Released June 2016.

Lucky Peterson, Long Nights, JSP Records.  Released March 2016.

Steve Hill Trio,
Talkin' That Mumbo Jumbo, self released.  Released February 2016.

Dylan Bishop and Reo Casey,
Look Out, self released.  Released January 2016.

---------------------------------------  2015

Gregg A. Smith,
Blues You Can Use, Gman.  Released December 2015.

Jason Cloud and the Max,
Moderne Day Blues Man, self released.  Released Dacember 2015.

Rev. K.M. Williams,
New Spirituals, self released.  Blues, Gospel.  Released November 2015.

Blues Boy Bo, Back Road, LoMo.  Mostly urban R&B.  Released October 2015.

Zac Harmon, Right Man Right Now, Blind Pig Records. Released September 2015.

Miss Marcy and Her Texas Sugardaddy's,
Deep Ellum, CSP Records, Released July 2015.

Danny Hill, Life Long Party, self released.  Released June 2015.

The Silvertones, Silvertone Avenue, Released April 2015.

Rev. K.M. Williams,
The Truth, self released.  Blues, Gospel.  Released March 2015

Smokin Joe Kubek and Bnois King
, Fat Man's Shine Parlor, Blind Pig Records.  Released February 2015.

---------------------------------------  2014

Kerrie LePai, Organic, 43rd Big Idea Records.  Blues, R&B.  Released November 2014.

Aaron Burton, All Night Long, self.  Released November 2014.

Suitcase Brothers, Long Way from Home, Suitcase Brothers.  Released September 2014.

Lucky Peterson, I'm Back Again, Blues Boulevard.  Released September 2014.

Christian Dozzler and Michael van Merwyk,
Darkest Night, Groove Stew.  Released June 2014.

Larry Lampkin,
The Blues is Real, Kaint Kwit.  Released April 2014.

Rev. K.M Williams,
Jukin' in the Holy Land, Nobody's Fault.   Released April 2014.

Jim Suhler
, Panther Burn, Underworld.  Released February 2014.

Arvel Stricklin, Bitter Wine, ASHEM.  Released January 2014.

Texas Slim, That's Who I Am, Feelin Good.  Released January 2014.

Various, Topcat Records 20th Anniversary Blues Extravaganza, Topcat.  Released January 2014.

---------------------------------------  2013
Linda Riggi,
Born with the Blues, self released.  Released December 2013.

Holland K. Smith, Cobalt, Ellersoul Records.  Blues, soul, R&B, jazz.  Released September 2013.

Smoking Joe Kubek and Bnois King, Road Dog's Life, Delta Groove.  Released September 2013.

Aaron Burton
, The Return of Peetie Whitestraw, self released.  Released June 2013.

Ruff Kutt Blues Band,
That's When the Blues Begins, self released.  Released March 2013.  Reissued on Vizztone Records May 2013.

Lucky Peterson,
Live at the 55 Arts Club Berlin, Blackbird.  Blues, Jazz, Rock and Soul.  Released January 2013.

Bobby Patterson,
Nuttin' But The Blues, Proud Records.  Released January 2013.

Live at the Old Town School of Music, Blue Stone.  Released January 2013.

---------------------------------------  2012

Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones, I Know What It's Like, 43rd Big Idea Records.  Released December 2012.

Steve Hill Trio, Workin Twice as Hard, self released.  Released October 2012.

Various Artists, Texas Blues Radio Volume 5, KNON.  Vinyl LP limited to 135 copies.  Released October 2012.

Smokin Joe Kubek and Bnois King, Close to the Bone, Delta Groove Records. Released September 2012.

Smokin Joe Kubek, Let that Right hand Go, Bird Records.  Released August 2012.

Various Artists, Texas Blues Radio Volume 5, KNON.  Released July 2012.

Chris Watson Band, Pleasure and Pain, Gator Music.  Released June 2012

Wanda King, Bridges, Self Released.  Released 2012.

Zac Harmon, Music is Medicine, Urban Eagle.  Released May 2012

Kirkland James, Brand New Man, self released.  Released April 2012.

Zac Harmon, Zac Harmon, Urban Eagle.  Released April 2012.

Gregg A. Smith, Caravan of Dreams, CDs Records.  Released April 2012.

Blues Boy Bo, Beautiful, Neck Bone Records.  Released March 2012.

K.M. Williams, Raw Soul, self released.  Released February 2012

Larry Lampkin,  When I Get Home, Kaint Kwit Records.  Released January 2012.

---------------------------------------  2011

Jeff Stone, Three Faces of the Blues, Blue Stone.  (blues, gospel)  Released November 2011.

The Silvertones, You Got Me Spinnin, Deep South.  Released November 2011.

Aaron Burton, Rising Sun, self released.  Released October 2011

Texas Slim, Lucky Mojo, Feelin Good Records.  Released October 2011

Chris Zalez, Machismo, self released.   (country, 1 blues track) Released September 2011

Daddies Juju, The Belgian Sessions, self released.  Released September 2011

Various, The Cellar 50th Anniversary plus!, self released(mostly 70's rock, but some blues)

Tommy Young, Some Days a Pawn, self released.  Released July 2011.

Texas Slim, Cookin with Gas, Feelin Good Records.  Released June 2011

Lucky Peterson, Every Second a Fool is Born, JSP Records.  Released June 2011

Ruff Kutt Blues Band, Mill Block Blues, self released.  Released April 2011

--------------------------------------- 2010

Lucky Peterson, You Can Always Turn Around, Dreyfus Jazz.  Released October 2010

K.M. Williams, When I Rise, Dialtone records.  (blues gospel)  Released September 2010

Gregg A. Smith, Forever Young, CDs.  (one blues track, mostly R&B) Released July 2010

Miss Marcy, Miss Marcy, self released.  Released June 2010

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King, Have Blues Will Travel, Alligator Records.  (blues and rock)  Released May 2010

Joe Jonas, Hard Times are Here Again, Whale Records.  Released May 2010.

Andrea Dawson, Left with the Uptown Blues, Listeners Ears Music. (some blues)  Released May 2010.

Randy McAllister, Be Like Water, Reaction Records. (some blues)  Released April 2010.

Jason Elmore, Upside Your Head, Underworld Records.  (blues and rock)  Released April 2010

Aaron Burton, Recession Blues, self released.  Released February 2010.

Johnnie Red and the Roosters, Brewing Up a Batch of Blues, self.  Released January 2010

Kirkland James y Los Mojos, La Siempre, self.  (blues and rock)  Released January 2010

The Juke Jumpers, Villa Acuna 1963, cool groove.  Released January 2010

Trainreck, A Live Reck, self released.  Released January 2010.

---------------------------------------  2009

The Tu-Tones, Texas' Favorite Two Man Band, self.  Released December 2009.

Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones, Gettin' Real, Electro Fi Records.  Released November 2009

Chris Watson, Just for Show, self released.  Re-issued November 2009 with 3 new tracks.

Christian Dozzler and Robin Bank$, Livin' Life, Blueswave.  Released November 2009. 

Tutu Jones, Inside Out, Soul Tone records (self released) (4 blues tunes).  Released November 2009.

K.M. Williams, The Poor Boy Recordings, self released.  Released October 2009.

Texas Slim, Driving Blues, Topcat Records.  Released August 2009

Vernon Garrett, I'm Too Far Gone, Video Uptown.  Released July 2009.

Zac Harmon, From the Root, Northern Blues Music.  Released June 2009.

Ernie Johnson, I'm the One You Need, self released (1 blues track).  Released May 2009

K.M. Williams, Live and Memorex, self released.  Released  April 2009.

Trainreck, Collision Imminent, self released.  Released April 2009.

Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat, Tijuana Bible, Underworld Records.  (blues and rock) Released January 2009.


Aaron Burton, How Can I Be Blue, self released,  Released September 2008.

K.M. Williams, The Boogie Reverend, self released.  Released July 2008.

James Hinkle, Some Day, Blue Lights.  Released June 2008.

Chris Watson, Just for Show, self released.  Released June 2008.

Christian Dozzler, The Blues and a Half, Blueswave.  Released May 2008

Dave Millsap, Martin and Me, self released.  (mostly country, 1 blues track) Released March 2008

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King, Blood Brothers, Alligator Records.   Released March 2008.

Mike Morgan and the Crawl, Stronger Every Day, Severn Records.  Released March 2008

K.M. Williams, Cries From the Soul, self released.  Released  January 2008.


Wanda King, Songs in the Key of Blues, self released.  Released December 2007.

Ray Reed,
Where the Trinity Runs Free, Dialtone Records.  Released November 2007.

Buddy Whittington, self released. Released October 2007.

K.M. Williams, Live at Longhorn BBQ, self released.  Released September 2007.

Juke Jumpers, On Stage, Cool Groove.   Released August 2007.

K.M. Williams, The Lost Tapes of Jukes and Spirituals.  Self released.  Released May 2007.

James Hinkle,
Blues Now, Jazz Later, Blue Lights Records.  Released February 2007.


K.M. Williams, Here Comes the Preacher Man, self.  Released December 2006

Randy McAllister,
Flying High While Staying Low Down, self released.  (Blues, R&B, rock compilation)  Released December 2006

Joe Jonas,
From the Garrett to the Barnyard, Whale Records.  (Blues, R&B)  Released December 2006

Zac Harmon, Live at Babe and Ricky's Inn, self.  (Blues) Released September 2006

Aaron Burton and Cheryl Arena, Good Old Wagon, self  (acoustic Blues)  Released September 2006

Trainreck, 11:59, self.  (Blues Gospel)  Released August 2006

K.M. Williams
, The Resurrection of Blind Willie and Old Time Spirituals, self.    (gospel/spirituals) Released June 2006 

Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets, Blast Off, Shout Factory.  (blues compilation) Released June 2006.

Arvel Stricklin, Smooth Blues, self  (blues) Released May 2006

Smokin Joe Kubek and Bnois King,
My Heart's in Texas, Blind Pig. (blues, rock) Released May 2006.

Craig Wallace,
Blue Over Yonder, Jumptime.  (rock, blues) Released April 2006.

Andrew "Junior Boy" Jones,
Live, 43rd Big Idea Records.  (Blues)  Released February 2006.


Various Artists,
Texas Blues Radio Volume 4, self.  (Blues)  Released November 2005. 

Smokin Joe Kubek Band featuring Bnois King,
Best Of, Bullseye Blues.  (Blues, rock)  Released October 2005. 

Pete Barbeck and 7th Son,
Pete's Up all Night, Self.   (Blues, rock)  Released October 2005.

The Silvertones,
Ride in My Cadillac, Self.  (Blues)  Released October 2005

Aaron Burton, aka Peetie Whitestraw, self.  (acoustic blues)   Released October 2005. 

Dave Millsap,
Feeling Lucky, self.  (blues, country, rock)  Released September 2005.  http://davemillsap.com/

Rob Donavan,
She's Got Soul, self.  Released September 2005.  http://robdonavan.com

K.M. Williams
, Truth  Music, self.    (blues) Released August 2005  http://kmwilliams.com 

Joe Jonas,
Me Myself and I, Whale Records.  (R&B, blues)  Released July 2005   http://joejonas.com

Edwin Holt,
Second Time Around, Topcat Records.  (soul, R&B, blues)  Released July 2005   http://www.edwinholt.com/

Tutu Jones,
Live, Doc Blues.  (blues and soul)  Released June 2005   http://www.docbluesrecords.com/

Live @ the Scene, self.  (blues and boogie)  Released April 2005.  http://trainreck.com/

Ann Armstrong
, Lucky Charm, self.  (Folk, blues, roots)  Released April 2005.  http://ann-armstrong.com/

Chris Ruest, Too Many Problems, Browntone Records.   (Blues)  Released April 2005.   http://chrisruest.com/

K.M. Williams,
The Best of the Texas Country Blues Preacher, DWM Music.  (Blues)  Released April 2005.  http://kmwilliams.com 

Chris Zalez,
Texas Cantina, Pacific Blues.  (Blues)  Released March 2005.  http://chriszalez.com/ 

DC and the Capitols
(Dempsey Crenshaw), All Night Long, self released.  (Blues).  Released March 2005.

James Hinkle,
Straight Ahead Blues?,  Blue Lights Music.  (Blues, Jazz).  Released January 2005.  http://www.jameshinkle.com

Randy McAllister,
Temporary Fixes, self released.  (Blues, other).  Released December 2004.  http://randymcallister.com/

R.L. Griffin,
Believe in Me, self released.  (Blues, R&B).  Released December 2004.

K.M. Williams,
Country Roads, Street Corners & Church Houses, self.  (Blues, gospel).  Released December 2004.  http://kmwilliams.com

Smokin Joe Kubek Band featuring Bnois King
, Show me the Money, Blind Pig.  (Blues, rock)  Released June 2004.  http://www.smokinjoekubek.com/

Trainreck, Train Keeps on Rollin, self.  (Blues)  Released June 2004.  http://home.swbell.net/kdwilent/ 

Sam Myers, Comin From the Old School, Electro Fi Records.  (Blues)  Released May 2004.  http://www.sweetsammyers.com /

Stompin Bill Johnston,
Kickin It, self released.  (blues)  Released March 2004

Mike Morgan and the Crawl
, Live in Dallas, Severn Records.  (blues)  Released January 2004     http://www.summitartists.com/mikemorgan/

K.M. Williams
, The Minister of texas Boogie, self released.  (blues and gospel)  Released January 2004.    http://home.swbell.net/kdwilent/  

Kenny Traylor, Tribute, Topcat Records.  (blues)  Released October 2003.  http://www.kennytraylor.com/

Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat,
The Best of Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat, Lucky 7.  (blues, rock) Released October 2003.   http://jimsuhler.com/

K.M. Williams
, I'm an Old Soul, self released.  (blues and gospel)  Released August 2003.    http://home.swbell.net/kdwilent/  

Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets featuring Sam Myers, Which Way is Texas, Bullseye Blues. (blues) Released July 2003   Anson and the Rockets Website

Wanda King,
From a Blues point of View, WMK Records.  (blues) Released July 2003.  http://wandaking.com

Johnny Mack
, Gave Myself the Blues, Topcat Records.  (blues) Released June 2003.   http://www.johnnymacktexas.com

Christian Dozzler, All Alone and Blue, Blueswave.  (blues)  Released May 2003.     http://www.dozzler.com/

Paul Harrington
, Harmonica Soul Serenade, Seduction Records.  (harmonica Blues and other harmonica)  Released April 2003   http://harpwizard.com/

Paul Byrd, Without Further Adieu, Bluestone Records.  (Blues) Released March 2003.   http://PaulByrd.com

Leo Hull and the Texas Blues Machine,  12 Pack of Blues, self released.  Released March 2003.   website

Big Smoo and the Trailer Park Kings, It's Good to be King, self released.  Released March 2003.   http://bigsmoo.com

Code Blue,
508 Park, self released.   Released February 2003.  

Holland K. Smith
, Enough is Enough, self released.  (Blues)  Released February 2003.   http://hollandksmith.com

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King, Roadhouse Research, Blind Pig Records.  (Blues, blues/rock)  Released February 2003. http://www.smokinjoekubek.com/

Various Artists, Texas Blues Radio Volume 3, KNON 89.3 FM.  (Blues)  Released December 2002.  http://knon.org

Bobby Patterson, Live at the Longhorn Ballroom, Proud Records  (R&B, Blues) Released December 2002   http://bobbypatterson.net/  

Bobby Patterson, Back Out Here Again, Proud Records  (R&B, Blues) Released December 2002   http://bobbypatterson.net/  

Dave Millsap, Nothing but Trouble, self released   (blues)  Released November 2002     http://davemillsap.com/

K.M. Williams, Blind Willie's Hymns, self released.  (Gospel, but in a blues style)  Released December 2002.   http://home.swbell.net/kdwilent/

Various artists, Christmas Time in Cowtown Volume 3, Felix Records.  (Christmas Blues) Released November 2002.   http://www.christmastimeincowtown.com

Jim Suhler, Dirt Road, Topcat Records.  (Blues, Americana)  Released November 2002.    http://www.topcatrecords.com/

Gregg Smith, Forbidden Fruit, Trinity River Records.  (R&B, soul, Blues) Released November 2002   http://trinityriverrecords.com/

Robin Bank$, Live After Dark, self.  (Blues)  Released October 2002.  http://www.robin-banks.net

Hash Brown and The Browntones, Have Some Fun, Browntone records.  (Blues)  Released September 2002.   http://browntonerecords.com/

Fuzzy Whitener, Off the Chain, self.  (Blues).  Released September 2002.   http://www.geocities.com/fuzzyblues1/ .

K.M. Williams, The Return of Brother Lemon, self.  (Blues, Gospel)  Released July 2002.   http://home.swbell.net/kdwilent/

Jeremy Fuller, Fullers Holiday, self.  (Blues)  With Hash Brown, Elliott Sowell, and Dirk Cordes.  Released June 2002.

Buddy Miles, Blues Berries, Ruf Records.  (Blues, Rock)  Released June 2002.

Texas Slim, I Have Arrived, Co-Mess Records.   (Blues, Rock)  Released April 2002.   http://texas-slim.com/

Mitch Palmer, Peace and Understanding, Browntone.  (Blues, R&B) Released February 2002.   http://browntonerecords.com/

Ken Savage and the Best Kept Secret featuring Joe Jonas , Blue Soul, self.  (Blues, R&B, Gospel) Released February 2002    http://www.realtexasblues.com  
The Silvertones, Live-Hot in the Hole, self . (Rock, blues, surf) Released February 2002   http://www.thesilvertones.com  

Randy McAllister, Givers and Takers, self.  (Rock, blues, R&B), Released January 2002     http://randymcallister.com

Beth Garner, Much Later for You, self.  (Blues), Released November 2001.  http://www.bethgarner.com

Cricket Taylor, Let Your Mama Drive, self.  (Blues, Rock)  Released November 2001.  http://crickettaylor.com/

Tommy Hill, Hangin' With Tommy, BTH.  (Blues, R&B, Jazz)  Released November 2001.

Betty Lewis, Betty Lewis Live, self.  (Blues, R&B) Released November 2001.

Josh Alan, Josh Alan Band, Black Cracker Music.  (Blues) Released  November 2001.  http://joshalan.com/

K. M. Williams, Sanctified Boogie, self.  (Blues)  Released October 2001.  http://home.swbell.net/kdwilent/

Bob Kirkpatrick, Drive Across Texas, Topcat Records (US reissue of UK CD).   (Blues)  Released August 2001. 

Ernie Johnson, Squeeze it, Phat Sounds.  (Soul, R&B, Blues)  Released August 2001

Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat, Bad Juju, Lucky 7.   (Rock, blues)    Released July, 2001.   http://jimsuhler.com/

Nick Curran, Nitelife Boogie, Texas Jamboree Records.   (Blues and swing)  Released June, 2001.  http://nickcurran.com/

K.M. Williams, Texas Country Blues Preacher, self released.  (Blues and gospel)  Released May 2001.  http://home.swbell.net/kdwilent/
Robin Bank$, Honestly, self released.  (Blues)  with Sam Myers, Hash Brown, Holland K. Smith, Pat Boyack.   Released April 2001.  http://www.geocities.com/robinbanksblues/    

Johnny Moeller, Johnny's Blues Aggregation, Dallas Blues Society Records .  Released January 2001.

Chris Zalez, Hotel Texas, self. (Blues) Released December 2000.

Djangobilly, Bluesabilly, Jorge Records. (Blues) Released November 2000.    Jorge Records

Mike Morgan & The Crawl, Texas Man, CRS Records (Netherlands). (Blues) Available as an import or direct from Mike at his gigs. http://www.continental.nl/     Released November 2000.

Bob Kirkpatrick, Drive Across Texas, Red Lightnin (UK). (Blues) 16 tracks recorded in Europe with euro-band backing. Available as an import or direct from Bob at his gigs. http://www.redlightnin.com/      Released November 2000.

K.M. Williams, The Reverend of Texas Country Blues, self. (Blues and gospel), 11 original tracks.  Released November 2000.   K.M. Williams website    

Various, Christmas Time in Cowtown Volume 2, 14 tracks of Christmas blues (and other stuff) with 9 original songs. Released November 2000. Details on the website at: http://www.christmastimeincowtown.com/

Robert Ealey, Electric Ealey, self. (Blues) Released October 2000.

Smart Like Einstein, Live at the Ridglea, self. (Blues) http://www.smartlikeeinstein.com Released October 2000.

The Nosmo Kings, Late for the Gig, self. (Blues) http://www.nosmokings.com Released October 2000.

Janna Britton and Abbeville, Dipped in Chocolate, House of Paine Productions. (Blues) Released August 2000.

Gregg Smith, Stacked in the Back, Hometown Records. (Blues, R&B, Soul, Ballads)

Jim Suhler and Alan Haynes, Live at Blue Cat Blues, Topcat Records. (Blues, rock) Released May 2000. See Topcat Records in DFW Blues Record Labels for contact info.

Mace Maben, Dallas Morning Blues, self. Released May 2000. (Blues, ballads, rock)

Robin Sylar, Bust Out, Race Records. blues rockabilly, rock, and general weirdness. Released April 2000. Race Records, P.O. Box 470491, Fort Worth, TX 76107.

Joe Jonas and University of the Blues, Juke at the Joint-self released. (blues) Released April 2000. For info or booking call 972-488-3141. University of the Blues, 2720 Royal Lane Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75229.

Smokin Joe Kubek Band featuring Bnois King-Bite Me- Bullseye Blues. (rock, blues) Released April 2000. Bullseye Blues, 1 Camp Street, Cambridge, MA 02140.

James Hinkle & Ted Roddy-Podnahs!-Big House Records. Released April 2000. Big House Records, P.O. Box 470896, Fort Worth, TX 76147, http://www.jameshinkle.com

Nick Curran-Fixin' Your Head-Texas Jamboree Records (blues, jump, swing). Released March 2000. Texas Jamboree Records, P.O. Box 161148, Austin, TX 78716. http://www.texasjamboree.com

Bob Kirkpatrick and Short Fuse Europe 1999 (blues, ballads). Released January 2000. Self released live recording of Bob in Europe. Available only at Bob's gigs.

U.P. Wilson-On My Way-Fedora Records (Blues). Released October 1999 (CD re-issue of old PeeWee LP). Fedora Records, 106 W. 71st Sreet, NY, NY 10023.

Lucky Peterson-Lucky Peterson-Verve Records (blues, rock, R&B). Released October 1999

Big Al DupreePositive Thinking (jazz, blues). Released October 1999. Fedora Records, 106 W. 71st Sreet, NY, NY 10023.

Randy McAllister, Double Rectified Bust Head (Blues, R&B). Released September 1999. JSP Records, P.O. Box 1584, London, N3 3NW, U.K.

Various artists, East Texas Pinetop Blues Festival, Topcat Records. (Soul, R&B, Blues) released July 1999. See Topcat Records in DFW Blues Record Labels for contact info. Featuring R.L. Griffin, Edwin Holt, Lil' Nikki, Lady Princess, Perry Jones, Love Company, Harold Walker, Joe Guitar Hughes from Houston, and the Nacogdoches Interdenominational Choir. Price is just $12 postpaid and proceeds go to the Footprints Foundation. Mail order info below:

Make checks payable to: Footprints Foundation
Send to:
Citizens National Bank
Attn: Trust Department
P.O. Box 1009
Henderson, Texas 75653-1009

Kenny Traylor, Something's Gotta Change, Topcat Records. (Blues) released July 1999. See Topcat Records in DFW Blues Record Labels for contact info.

Count Blue, Count Blue, self released. (blues) Released June 1999

Jake Crawford and the Conspirators, Livin' For the Day, self released. Released June 28, 1999. (Rock, Blues) For info phone 903-874-2565.

Shawn Pittman, Something's Gotta Give, Cannonball Records. (Blues, rock, soul) released June 29, 1999. Cannonball Records, 1660 Lake Drive West, Chanhassen, MN 55317. www.canball.com

R.L. Griffin, Too Hot to Stop, self released. (Blues, R&B, soul). R.L. Griffin's Blues Palace #2, 3100 Grand Avenue (at Meadow), Dallas, Tx 75215. 214-421-9867.

Mike Morgan and the Crawl featuring Lee McBee I Like the Way You Work It, Blacktop Records (Blues). Blacktop Records P.O. Box 56691, New Orleans, LA 70156. Phone: 504-895-7239. Released May 11, 1999

Holland K. Smith Walking Heart Attack, Topcat Records. (Blues) Released May 11, 1999. See Topcat Records in DFW Blues Record Labels for contact info.

Pete Barbeck and Seventh Son, Rio Bravo, Arm of Venus. (Rock, blues) Released May 2, 1999.

U.P. Wilson-Booting-JSP Records. (blues) Released April 1999. JSP Records, P.O. Box 1584, London, N3 3NW, U.K.

Hash Brown with guests Zuzu Bollin, Darrell Nulisch and Sam Myers, Hash Brown's Texas Blues Revue, Cannoball Records. (Blues) released March 16, 1999. Cannonball Records, 1660 Lake Drive West, Chanhassen, MN 55317. www.canball.com

Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets featuring Sam Myers, Change in My Pocket, Bullseye Blues. (Blues)released march 2, 1999. Bullseye Blues, 1 Camp Street, Cambridge, MA 02140.

The Silvertones, Cruisin', self released. (Blues) released February 1999. They have a website at: Silvertones website

Josh Davis and English Dave, Turnpike Cruiser, Topcat Records. (Blues) released February 1999. See Topcat Records in DFW Blues Record Labels for contact info.

Willie Willis & the Wildcatters, Can't Help but have the Blues, Fedora Records. (Blues) released October 1998.

The Shadowcasters, demo CD. released October 1998. 972-462-3072 for more info.

Dru Webber Dru Webber and Pthalo Blue, (Blues). Released October 1998. 5 tracks.

J.B. Wynn and the Soul Express Showband, self titled, (Blues). Self Released. 7 tracks.

Randy McAllister, Grease, Grit, Dirt, and Spit (Blues, R&B). Released September 1998. JSP Records, P.O. Box 1584, London, N3 3NW, U.K.

Cookie McGee, Right Place (blues). Released September 1998. JSP Records, P.O. Box 1584, London, N3 3NW, U.K.

Bob Kirkpatrick and Short Fuse Live (blues, ballads). Released July 1998. Self released live recording of Bob in Europe. Available only at Bob's gigs.

Bobby Patterson, I'd rather Eat Soup (R&B,soul, blues). Released July 1998. Big Bidness Records, distributed by Mardi Gras Records, 3331 St. Charles Ave, Neew Orleans, LA. 70115. 1-800-895-0441.

Kelly Hatcher, Kelly Hatcher (blues). Self released June 1998. For info call 972-545-8115. Recorded live, direct to two track.

Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones Watch What You Say (blues). Released June 1998. Bullseye Blues, 1 Camp Street, Cambridge, MA 02140.

Tutu Jones Staying Power-Bullseye Blues (blues, soul). Released June 1998. Bullseye Blues, 1 Camp Street, Cambridge, MA 02140.

Johnnie Taylor-Taylored to Please, Malaco. R&B, Soul, Blues. Released May 1998. Malaco Music Group, 3023 W. Northside Drive, Jackson, MS 39213.

Ernie Johnson-Hot & Steamy, Waldoxy. R&B, Soul, Blues. Released May 1998. Malaco Music Group, 3023 W. Northside Drive, Jackson, MS 39213.

Elvis T. Busboy& The Blues Butchers- Dance Favorites, self released (rock, blues, r&b, soul). Released May 1998. Mail order for $17.00 to: Stephen Shaw 3919 Holland Av. #104, Dallas, Tx. 75219 or phone 214-521-5464

Shawn Pittman Burnin' Up, Cannonball Records. Released April 98. Cannonball Records, 1660 Lake Drive West, Chanhassen, MN 55317.

Smokin' Joe Kubek and Bnois King Take Your Best Shot-Bullseye Blues (rock, blues). Released April 1998. Bullseye Blues, 1 Camp Street, Cambridge, MA 02140.

U.P. Wilson-Texas Trailer Trash. Jointly issued on Felony Records (U.S.) and JSP Records (England) with different mixes and track listings. Released March 1998. Guests include Robert Ealey, Oklin Bloodworth, Johnny Mack, Kenny Traylor, James Hinkle, and more.

Joe Jonas-Hog Wild for the Blues-Pink Pig Productions. Released March 1998. Mail order: Joe Jonas, P.O. Box 41096, Dallas, TX 75241. $15 postpaid US, $20 overseas. Money order, please.

Mike Morgan and the Crawl featuring Lee McBee -The Road-Blacktop Records. Released March 1998. Blacktop Records, P.O. Box 56691, New Orleans, LA 70156. Phone: 504-895-7239.

Lucky Peterson -Move-Verve Records (blues, rock, R&B).Released February 98

 Texas Blues Guitar Summit features tracks by U.P. Wilson, Bobby Gilmore, J.B. Wynn, Henry Qualls, and Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones. All are DFW artists. Released February 98. JSP Records, P.O. Box 1584, London, N3 3NW, U.K.

The Voodoo Kings -Voodoo Love-Virtual records, (rock, R&B, blues) released February 98. Virtual records, 1101 E. Plano Parkway, Suite H, Plano TX 75074. Phone 972-394-6349. http://www.virtualrecords.com

Anson Funderburgh and Sam Myers-That's What They Want-Blacktop Records (blues) released November 1997. Blacktop Records, P.O. Box 56691, New Orleans, LA 70156. Phone: 504-895-7239.

Will "Smokey" Logg-Ghosts of the Totems-Gila Monster (self released) (rock, blues) released November 1997. E-mail Smokey Logg

Mitch Palmer and the Hash Brown Band-She's Lookin' Good-Browntone Records (self released) (mixed blues, rock and R&B) released November 1997. See Browntone records in DFW Blues Record Labels for contact info

Keller Thomas-Lay Low-Topcat Records (rock, folk, blues) released October 1997. See Topcat Records in DFW Blues Record Labels for contact info.

Joey Love and the Blues Xpress-Good Phone-self released (mixed blues and rock) released October 1997. Joey Love Website

Randy McAllister-Diggin for Sofa Change-JSP Records (Blues, R&B) released October 1997. JSP Records, P.O. Box 1584, London, N3 3NW, U.K.

Denny Freeman-A Tone For My Sins-Dallas Blues Society Records (mixed blues and rock) released October 1997. See Dallas Blues Society Records in DFW Blues Record Labels for contact info

Various-Texas Blues Radio-self released (KNON local blues compilation) released October 1997. SOLD OUT January 1998.

Various-Blues Across America-the Dallas Scene-Cannonball Records (blues-with Henry Qualls, Big Al Dupree & Big Charles Young. Support from Hash Brown and Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones) released September 1997. Cannonball Records, 1660 Lake Drive West, Chanhassen, MN 55317.

Robert Ealey-I Like Music When I Party-Blacktop Records (blues) released September 1997. Blacktop Records, P.O. Box 56691, New Orleans, LA 70156. Phone: 504-895-7239.

Edd Lively and the Movers-How Can I Rock You-Cold Cut Records (self released) (rock, blues) released August 1997.

James Hinkle-Running Too Hard-Big House records (self released) (rock, blues, cajun) released August 1997.

Josh Alan-Blacks N' Jews-Black Cracker Music (self released) (mixed blues, rock, folk) released July 1997. Black cracker Music, P.O. Box 720523, Dallas, TX 75372. Phone 214-521-8206.

Texas Slim Blues Band-Blue this Morning-Gemtone Records (self released) (blues with some rock) released July 1997. Gemtone records, 6001 Skillman # 257, Dallas, TX 75231. Phone: 214-692-1501.

Shawn Pittman-Blues From Dallas, Texas-self released (Blues with some rock) released July 1997. Shawn Pittman, P.O. Box 2495, Edmond, OK. 73083. Phone: 1-888-828-6555 mailbox 9006. Note: this CD has been re-cut and will be re-issued in a new form by Cannonball Records in 1998.

Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones-I Need Time-Bullseye Blues, (blues) re-issued June 1997. Bullseye Blues, 1 Camp Street, Cambridge, MA 02140. Note: this CD is a re-mastered version of a CD with the same name originally issued on JSP in 1996.

Pat Boyack-Super Blue and Funky-Bullseye Blues, (blues, R&B) released June 1997. Bullseye Blues, 1 Camp Street, Cambridge, MA 02140.

Homer Henderson-Live from the City of Hate-Honey Records (blues, rock, country, general weirdness) released June 1997.

Debie Babcock and The Dallas Heat-Raw Heat-Bootleg Records (self released) (rock, blues) released May 1997. website

Gregg Smith-I Wanna Rock Ya-Ultrax/Ichiban (R&B, blues) released April 1997.

Alanda Williams-Kid Dynamite-JSP Records (R&B, soul, blues reggae) released March 1997. JSP Records, P.O. Box 1584, London, N3 3NW, U.K.

HABIT-H.A.B.I.T.-self released (rock, blues) released February 1997.

U.P. Wilson-Whirlwind-JSP Records (blues) released January 1997. JSP Records, P.O. Box 1584, London, N3 3NW, U.K.