Last Update 11/10/05

Topcat Records has released albums by Robert Ealey, Curly Barefoot Miller, Joe Jonas, and a various artist collection, among others. They have also leased or purchased projects with Freddie King, Calvin Owens, and others. Most of their previous catalog has been sold to Blacktop Records which has reissued most of their albums. Topcat is still active with new projects on Edwin Holt and the Johnny Nicholas recently issued.  Contact: Richard Chalk, Topcat Records, P.O. Box 670234, Dallas, Tx 75367-0234.   E-mail: info@topcatrecords.com     E-mail Richard Chalk
Phone 972-484-4141.

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    Browntone Records is Hash Brown's private label. He has released five CDs so far, two with his own bands and two with Mitch Palmer and one from Chris Ruest.   Contact: Hash Brown, Browntone Records, 8329 Banquo, Dallas, TX 75228. Phone: 214-328-4141. E-Mail: Hashbb@aol.com E-mail Hash Brown