I have hosted a blues radio show (now Fridays at 6 pm to 8 pm) on KNON 89.3 FM in Dallas since August 1983 and I am currently KNON's Blues Format Director. For 6 months in 1999 I also hosted a weekly internet-only blues broadcast, The Texas Blues Roadhouse, on bluestown.com (Thanks, Joey Love!). I have written monthly blues columns and/or features for Music News Magazine in Dallas, Texas Blues Magazine in Houston, Jam Magazine in Dallas, Buddy Magazine in Dallas, The Dallas Observer, and Southwest Blues Magazine in Dallas.  I have contributed articles and features to many blues magazines around the world and have written liner notes for numerous blues albums on labels such as JSP, Alligator, Blacktop, Bullseye, Cannonball, Topcat, and Sequel.

In addition to writing, I also take pictures (not to be confused with being a photographer). My blues pictures have appeared in the pages of Living Blues, Blues Access, Blues Revue, Blues and Rhythm, Southside Blues, Buddy Magazine, the Dallas Observer, The Fort Worth Weekly, The Met, Southwest Blues, and other fine (and not so fine) publications. Some of them are on this site. Only some of them.

I am also known to stand on a soap box, preaching about the wonderful DFW blues scene, even when no one is listening. Thanks for listening. Thanks also to fellow preachers Hash Brown, Sumter Bruton, Wes Race, K.M. Williams, Sandy Hall, and Joanna Iz.

I have nothing to sell you here. I have no monetary interest in any of the artists, record labels, clubs, etc. mentioned here. I keep this site up and current because I love the DFW blues scene.  Paid advertising will not be accepted and you will never have to see obnoxious advertising banners here.  I pay extra for that.

All material on this site is copyright Don O., except where noted. No material from this site may be copied or reproduced in any form without written permission.  I did all this typing myself and you can't have it.

Note: the photos herein are copyright Don O. and are not to be used for commercial purposes by anyone without express written permission. Big trouble. Don't do it. My lawyers are bigger than your lawyers and twice as mean. Photo copyright laws are very easy to enforce and extremely expensive for the thief.  Make my day.  In many cases I have had to add a big obnoxious copyright banner on my photos.  This is entirely the fault of internet photo thieves.  

Another note about photos. Most photos are fairly low resolution, about 100 dpi. I have chosen to include MORE photos at a lower resolution rather than FEWER photos at high resolution. Don't complain unless you want to provide me with a bunch of free web space.  About 200 gigs should get it.  Have your people contact my people and we'll do lunch. You're buying.  I like BBQ.

Updates to this guide are made more often than most pages. Sometimes daily, usually weekly, occasionally, when I get around to it.  Check back and see.  Complain if you want to. Corrections and additions are welcome and contributors will be credited.  I try to keep things correct and up to date, but sometimes musicians, club owners, and my own ineptitude conspire against me.  If you find a broken link or see something that needs to be corrected, please drop me an e-mail.  Thanks!

Contact E-mail:  donotemp  AT   gmail   DOT   com 

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