Dallas/Fort Worth BLUES ARTISTS

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This section contains dozens of photographs, interviews, and links with Dallas/Fort Worth based blues artists. I know of no area in the nation, except maybe Chicago, that has so many excellent bands. This ain't a Texas brag, it's a fact. There are over 100 working blues bands and artists based here.  More than 70 of those bands have CDs out and that number is growing every year.  Many locally based blues bands have national and international recognition.  One of the most exciting things about the blues scene here is the diversity.  Almost any style of blues you can think of is performed here by people who live here.  Solo acoustic, soul blues, rockin' blues, Chicago style, Delta, swing, jump, you name it, you can find it.  The wonderful blues scene here acts like a magnet to blues players from other places.  A number of fine blues performers have relocated here in recent years from Canada, Austria, and the east and west coasts of the U.S. 

Here are just a few of the fine Texas blues bands and artists that call DFW home. All photos and interviews are copyright Don O.

The top of the heap has to be Anson Funderburgh and the Rockets.  This band has won 9 W.C. Handy blues awards during the years with Sam Myers, including the 2004 award for Traditional Blues Album of the Year. They have 8 albums on Blacktop Records and a very nice video in the American Blues series. Until recently, they spent most of their time on the road (270 dates a year), taking Texas blues to the world.   A photo of Anson appeared on the cover of the 1998 Northeast Tarrant County phone book!!   Sam Myers' death in 2006 after a long battle with throat cancer left the future of the band up in the air for awhile.  Anson currently works occasionally and helps produce CDs for other artists.  Anson occasionally tours as guitarist with James Harman, Mark Hummel, Eric Lindell, or Big Joe Maher.  In 2012 he appeared at the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.  He has also appeared as guitarist on recent releases by the Ruff Kutt Blues Band, Four Jacks, and Eric Lindell.  

phone book cover
Anson (left) and Sam photo
Anson interview

Bnois King partnered for many years with the late Smokin' Joe Kubek.  They have one album out on The Netherlands' Double Trouble label, six albums on Bullseye Blues, four on Blind Pig Records, two on Alligator Records, and 2 on Delta Groove Records. Joe and Bnois released their only acoustic CD, Close to the Bone, on Delta Groove Records.  In 2012 they completed a 6 week tour in Turkey.    In April 2014 the band announced they had re-signed with Blind Pig Records.  Their last CD together, Fat Man's Shine Parlor, was released in February 2015.  Joe Kubek passed away suddenly on October 10, 2015.  Bnois is now working locally with the Bnois King Band.  Bnois considers himself retired and only plays occasional local shows to keep his chops up and see his friends.

Bnois King Interview
Joe (left) and Bnois photo  

Mike Morgan and the Crawl have 8 albums out on the Blacktop label plus Mike appears on another Blacktop production with Jim Suhler. In a town of very tough blues guitar players, Mike is one of the toughest.  He occasionally sits in at local blues jams and often sits in with local or regional bands at their gigs.  Mike is also a very popular guitar teacher.  Harp player and vocalist Lee McBee left the band at the end of 1999 to pursue a solo career and passed away in 2014. However Mike is still fronting a mean three piece version of Mike Morgan and the Crawl and has taken on the vocal duties.  Mike's latest CD, The Lights Went Out In Dallas, was released by M.C. Records in October 2022.  Shawn Pittman and Anson Funderburgh guest on a couple of tracks.  Booking-Morgan and Associates 214-679-6439.

Mike Morgan and the Crawl Website
photo Mike Morgan (L) Lee McBee (R)  photo 
Lee McBee Interview

Hash Brown is the widely known as the King of the Dallas blues jams, after 9+ years of hosting Schooner's Sunday night jam and 13 1/2 years of hosting a Tuesday jam at The Bone. Hash is the heart and soul of the Dallas blues scene and has mentored literally hundreds of aspiring blues performers.  A former housemate of blues giant Sam Myers, Hash has released one album on the European Parsefil label and a self produced CD titled Rollin' Blues. His versatility is amazing and has enabled him to work and record with such diverse artists as Zuzu Bollin, Big Al Dupree, Henry Qualls, Sam Myers, Bobby Rush, and Barrelhouse Chuck.  Hash is currently fronting a mean three piece, The Hash Brown Band, and his guitar work is sounding better than ever.  Hash's Parsefil CD was reissued on Cannonball Records as Hash Brown's Texas Blues Revue in 1999 and received good airplay nationwide, charting on the Living Blues poll for several months. Hash has a second band, The Browntones, where he plays harp and features a traditional Chicago sound.  The first Browntones CD was released in Summer 2002 and also charted on the Living Blues radio poll.  That release led to the formation of Browntone Records which Hash has used to help other local blues artists, such as Mitch Palmer and Chris Ruest to get their music out on CD.  His most recent CD, Stop! Your Evil Ways, was released on Feffery Records in February of 2022.  Hash is also a popular guitar and harmonica teacher and plays a mean solo acoustic gig, now and then.  He also performs with A Band of Brothers, which is more of a country/rock act.

Hash Brown photo   

Andrew "Jr. Boy" Jones is a Dallas native who got his first break playing in Freddie King's band at the age of 16. He later joined The Silent Partners and backed Katie Webster on one of her Alligator releases. He also led the Charlie Musselwhite Band for 8 years, toured the world, and shared in the honor of winning Band of the Year at the W.C. Handy Awards. He has had a solo career since the mid 90's.  His first CD, "I Need Time", came out on JSP in 1996. That CD was later leased to Bullseye and he then recorded a second CD for them. "Jr. Boy" is one of the most creative blues guitarists on the scene today.  In 2007 he played a month long series of gigs in Beijing China.  In 2009 he released Gettin' Real on Electro Fi Records.   Junior recently married his performing partner, Kerrie LePai.  Their most recent release is Junior Boy and Kerrie's Blues, which came out in November of 2019.

photo  galexc photo 

Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat is another much loved Dallas band. Jim's blues roots run deep, in fact he used to host a two hour blues program on community radio station KNON. Jim is one of the toughest slide players around. So tough, he impressed George Thorogood, who helped him with his first release.  Jim seems to be moving more in a rock direction on his recordings, but he still plays lots of blues live. Catch him at a live show with his friend Mike Morgan if you really want to see and hear some blues fireworks.  Jim is currently spending a lot of time on the road playing in George Thorogood's band.  He released an acoustic CD, Dirt Road, on Topcat Records and a compilation CD with several new tracks, The Best of Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat, on Lucky 7.  Jim's latest CD, "Live at The Kessler", was released in 2016.

Jim Suhler photo
Monkey Beat web page

Blues vocalist R.L. Griffin is The Right Reverend of Dallas Blues. His night club, The Blues Palace #2, is one of the hottest night spots for the Dallas blues community. It's a regular hangout for Bobby Rush, Vernon Garrett, and other celebrities. R.L. has put out a number of 45's on GalexC and other local labels, a compilation tape titled I Want To Be Rich, and a CD titled It Don't Have to Be this Way on the Black Grape label in England. R.L. self-released his first U.S. CD in 1999 titled Too Hot to Stop. His latest self-released CD is titled I'm Back Again, released in September of 2020.

R.L. Griffin interview  
photo  photo

Ernie Johnson is double dangerous. He has a great blues voice and writes excellent original material. He's kept busy with nearly constant national and international touring, often opening for folks like Bobby Bland. He has recorded several albums for Paula and Malaco associated Waldoxy Records. Ernie's newest CD is a self released compilation titled EJ Sings the Blues.   He was featured in an interview in Living Blues Magazine in February 2009.

Ernie Johnson photo with Al "TNT" Braggs (right)

Bob Kirkpatrick has been playing the blues since the 50's. His first recording was for Folkways Records in 1973.  After a long period of work for the Federal gpovernment, he re-emerged on the Dallas blues scene in the 90's.  He has one CD on JSP and several self released CDs of live performances recorded in Europe. He is popular overseas and has toured Europe several times.  However he does not tour in the U.S. because the money is so poor.  Bob is a great talent with a wonderful deep voice and strong B.B. King influenced guitar licks. Bob latest CD on Topcat/Red Lightin Records is called Drive Across Texas.  Bob had some health problems the last few years but began performing again late in 2008.

photo     photo 2     photo 3    photo 4

Gregg Smith is a smooth soulful blues vocalist in the style of Little Milton and Bobby Bland. The Honey Grove, Texas native relocated to Dallas in the early 80's and has been a constant contributor to the South Dallas Blues scene. Gregg often tours with Lucky Peterson. His first album was on  Ichiban and was re-released on CD in Europe to great critical acclaim and heavy radio airplay. He played several festivals overseas in 1990. Gregg also does a blues radio show on KNON 89.3 FM, Friday from 9 am to noon. Gregg recently released a blues compilation CD on his own Gman Record.  Gregg was the subject of a major interview in Living Blues Magazine in 2014.

Gregg Smith photo
Gregg Smith interview

The listing above will give you some idea of the size, depth, and diversity of the DFW blues community. However, this is just the tip of a very large iceberg. Additional DFW based blues bands and artists with recordings are listed below.  

Josh Alan (several self released CDs, some blues)     photo
Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes (three CDs)   photo
Pete Barbeck and 7th Son  (two self released CDs)   Web Page  photo
Jack Barksdale (one self released CD and some singles)  photo  https://jackbarksdale.com/
Blues Boy Bo   (two self released CDs) photo
The Browntones (one CD, Browntone) see Hash Brown
Aaron Burton (ten CDs self-released)  website    photo
Paul Byrd   (two CDs self released)  website   photo
Reo Casey  website  photo    (one CD self released)
Jason Cloud and The Max   website   (one CD self released)  photo
Blind Dog Cooley (one CD self released) 
Joe Coronado and the Texas Beat (one CD, JSP) interview
Count Blue (one CD self released)    photo  photo
Dempsey Crenshaw (DC and the Capitols) (one CD self released) website  photo
Djangobilly (one CD Self-released)   
Christian Dozzler  (multiple CDs, Wolf, Blueswave)   website    photo
Jason Elmore and Hoodoo Witch (three CDs Underworld Records)  photo interview  website
Jimmie "Preacher" Ellis (two CDs Eve/Jim) photo   
Vernon Garrett (multiple CDs, Ichiban and other labels) interview photo
Zac Harmon (five cds, Blind Pig, Catfood) photo website 
Paul Harrington (One CD-Seduction Records)   photo 
Kelly Hatcher (one CD self released)
Danny Hill    (one CD self released)  photo
Steve Hill Trio (four CDs self released)  website  photo  
Tommy Hill (two CDs-self released)    photo
James Hinkle (three CDs-self released, one CD Blue Lights Music)  interview photo  
Leo Hull and the Texas Blues Machine (two CDs, self released)  website   
Stompin Bill Johnston  (one CD, self released)   photo
Tutu Jones (multiple CDs)  
The Juke Jumpers (multiple CDs Amazing, Varrick)    http://www.thecoolgroove.com/jukes.html
Kenny Kay's Storm Warning (one CD-self released) photo
Wanda King (three CDs, self-released)  photo   
Larry Lampkin (four CDs self-released)   website   article on Larry    photo  
Kerrie LePai   photo    (one CD)
Edd Lively and the Movers (one CD-self released) photo
Joey Love Band (two CDs-self released)  photo Joey Love Website
Johnny Mack (one CD, Topcat)  photo 
Miss Marcy (two CDs, CSP)  photo   website 
E.J. Mathews  (two CDs self released, 1 CD State Fair Records)   2017 Living Blues Interview  photo 
Cookie McGee (one CD JSP, one CD Topcat/Wolf) photo interview
Bobby Patterson (four CDs Proud Records)   photo    https://www.bobbypattersonsoul.com/
Shawn Pittman  (multiple CDs)  photo  https://shawnpittman.com/
Johnnie Red (two CDs self released)  photo  http://johnniered.com/
Ray Reed (one CD Dialtone records)  photo
Ruff Kutt Blues band (two CDs self-released)
Dylan James "Boogie Boy" Shaw (one CD self-released) photo
Ray Sharpe photo
The Silvertones (three CDs self released)  web page
Holland K. Smith (two CDs, Topcat, one self-released, one CD Ellersoul)  photo   website  interview  
Rollo Smith (One CD self released)
Big Smoo and the Trailer Park Kings (one CD, self released)   
George Stancell, (one CD, JSP)  photo
Mike Stockton and the Rhythmators (two CDs-self released) photo website    
Texas Slim (two CDs-self released, 3 cds Feelin Good records) website   interview  photo   
Cricket Taylor (one CD-self released)  photo   
Trainreck (KM Williams and Washboard Jackson) (multiple CDs self released) photo 
Kenny Traylor (one CD-self released, two CDs Topcat) interview photo
Tu-Tones- (one CD Topcat)
Chris Watson (one CD-self released)  website photo
Drue Webber (two CDs-self released)  
Fuzzy Whitener Band (two CDs-self released) photo
Buddy Whittington  photo   website    article
Alanda Williams & the Soul Kings (one CD, JSP)   photo
Rev. K.M. Williams  (many CDs-self released)   facebook  photo


Andrew Baxter Jr   photo  
Blue Lisa & the T-Bones  photo
Bonafide Blues Band   http://www.bonafideblues.com/
The Bramhall Brothers
Briefcase Blues Band web page
James Butler photo and The Cool Show Band
Butch Bonner  photo photo , photo
Mr. D. photo
D Connection
Eight Ball and the Breakers
George Forms
Joel Foy  photo  
Bobby Gilmore
Little Hamp
Hal Harris & the Lo Lifers    photo
Mr. Tip Jar  photo
Lil Jay photo  
Chris Johnson
Perry Jones photo  
Kirby Kelley  website photo
Killer Bug  photo
Miss Kim and BTA  photo
Lady Lotion photo
Laz-Zar Show Band,  photo
Jackie Don Loe  photo
Lance Lopez  website
Jessica Munn  photo  
Linny Nance web page  
Lil Nikki photo
Todd Parsnow   
Jason Polansky  photo
Kathy Prather  photo
Kayla Reeves  photo 
Ruf Ruffner  photo
Pat Schram   photo
Southside Blues Kings 
Texas Topcats  photo
Voodoo Blue  
Harold Walker  photo   
Kenny Wayne
Mighty Paul Young  photo

and a few locals who have moved away:

Cheryl Arena (two CDs, self released)    photo
Cold Blue Steel (two CDs, Icehouse) photo  
Debie Babcock and Dallas Heat (one CD-self released)  photo
Robin Bank$  (three self released CDs) photo 
Dylan Bishop  website  photo  2017 Dallas Observer article  2017 Buddy Magazine article (two CDs self released)
Elvis T. Busboy (one CD self released) photo and the Blues Butchers
Janna Britton  (one self released CD) 
Country Cool
Josh Davis (one CD-self released, one CD Topcat) 
Andrea Dawson (one CD self released)  photo 
Beth Garner (two CDs self released)  photo 
Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters (two CDs-Stumble records/Germany) interview  photo   website
Jon Hay  website   photo
Edwin Holt (one CD, Topcat)  
Byron Hudson  photo  
Betty Lewis  (one CD-self released) photo
Randy McAllister (three CDs-JSP, two self released) interview website   photo
Dave Millsap (Two CDs self released)  photo    web page  
Johnny Moeller (two CDs Dallas Blues Society Records, 1 CD Severn Records, 1 CD self released)  photo
Mitch Palmer (two CDs-self released)   photo
Santos Puertas   website  photo
Sledgehammer  photo
Jeff Stone (one CD self released) website  photo
Chris Ruest  (one CD Browntone, one self released)    photo
Paul Size photo
Chris Zalez (one CD self released, one CD Pacific Blues) photo 

and a few of our late friends: 

Oklin Bloodworth  photo interview
Al "TNT" Braggs  photo
Sumter Bruton   photo
Pops Carter and the Funk Monsters (one CD-self released) photo   
Nick Curran (two CDs Texas Jamboree Records, two CDs Blind Pig Records)  photo
Big Al Dupree (one CD-Dallas Blues Society Records, one-CD Fedora Records, one partial CD-Cannonball) photo
Robert Ealey  (multiple CDs, Topcat, Blacktop, self)   Robert Ealey photo 
Reverend Fillmore
Denny Freeman  (two CDs amazing records, 1 CD Dallas Blues Society Records)  photo  website
Homer Henderson (two CDs-self released, some blues)      photo
Jerry Jines  photo 
Lady Pearl Johnson  photo
Joe Jonas  photo
Smokin Joe Kubek  photo
Lou Lazor      
Will "Smokey" Logg  Smokey Logg photo   photo    Smokey Logg interview
Mace Maben (two CDs-self released)    photo
Lee McBee  photo 
Sam Myers photo  Sam Myers' website    Video postcard from Sam's grave
Curly Barefoot Miller (one partial CD, Topcat)     Curly Barefoot Miller photo and tribute page
Lucky Peterson  Lucky Peterson interview photo photo photo photo photo     
Mark Pollock photo
Lady Princess          
Suzy Q   photo
Henry Qualls (one CD-Dallas Blues Society Records, one partial CD-Cannonball) photo
Tyrone Starks  photo
Arvel Stricklin (one CD-self released) photo
Robin Sylar (two CDs Race Records/Topcat)  photo
Johnnie Taylor (multiple CDs, Malaco, Stax) photo
Texas Johnny Boy    photo
Chonita Turner
Marvin Washington
Big Jim Wells
U.P. Wilson (multiple CDs, JSP, Wolf, Double Trouble, self Released, Pee Wee, Red Lightnin)  U.P. Wilson photo  
Willie Willis  (one CD, Trix; one CD Fedora) interview photo
J.B. Wynn (one CD self released) photo and Soul Express,  Interview
Big Charles Young (one partial CD-Cannonball) interview photo