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A complete guide to the Dallas/Fort Worth blues scene. Updated daily. Sometimes.

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  • Dallas/Fort Worth Local Blues Releases          last update 7/13/24
  • Dallas/Fort Worth media, contacts, links           last update 11/26/21
  • Dallas/Fort Worth Blues summary article         last update 2/1/16
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  • Dallas/Fort Worth Blues History                      last update 11/2/23
  • DFW Blues Scrapbook (photos etc.)                 last update 7/8/24                                

  •  My KNON radio show                                 
           Playlist update 7/19/24 

    NEW/old radio shows!  Don O's KNON Blues Vault rebroadcasting great old blues radio shows from the 1980's! 

    Welcome to Don O.'s Dallas/Fort Worth Blues Page

    The purpose of this page is to provide a one-stop information source for the exciting Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (DFW) blues scene. I hope to have everything you will need to find and enjoy blues in DFW. This will never be the prettiest page. It will never have the fanciest graphics or the newest gee-gaws. This page will not stream anything at you. You will not need 3D glasses, stereo speakers, or the latest version of some new Bill Gates-enriching software to see what's here. I won't slow you down with forced multi-meg photo downloads, sound files, or cute graphic icons. All that eye and ear candy is sometimes just a cover for LACK OF CONTENT. This site is for information, not to impress you with high tech wonders. What this site WILL have is the latest information on the DFW blues scene. This site WILL be updated on an obscenely regular basis. So dig in, find the information you need, and USE it to enjoy some great blues in the DFW area. Remember, live blues is ALWAYS more fun than cyberspace.

    If you have additions, corrections, or suggestions, please e-mail me at: DONOTEMP AT GMAIL DOT COM

    Who is this guy Don O. anyway and why does he like to type so much?    Acknowledgements, etc.

    Thanks for visitin', y'all!

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